Short scan

Ok. I just gave CIS 6 a second chance . Was a long time CIS 5 user . I set it all up using this guide .

Anyways. When I run a quick scan. It only takes about 15 seconds. is this normal ? Is it because I did a rating scan ? Thanks in advance !

Ok. I am guessing it does it if there have been no changes to your system or an signature update ? I ran it after an update and it was normal. Than I ran again after first scan and it was 11 seconds .

Hi and welcome AntSunrise,
Subsequent scans can indeed be very quick due to optimizations and caching.

Pretty much what I figured. Just wanted to make sure and know what the terms were for it . I think my NOD32 did it as well . Not as much though . :slight_smile:

No problems. :slight_smile:

Ratings scans will indeed speed up subsequent scan times.