short cut on desk top, start menu [Resolved]


I have just installed Version 3 (, For the first time, it is working fine except for these 2 problems.

If i click on icon in task bar i can open up comodo interface

But all i get if i use the short cut on the desktop or try to open using the start menu, i get the hourglass for a couple of seconds and then nothing .

Everything else seems to be working okay, early days.

I am using WindowsXP Home SP2.

Cheers :■■■■

hi pedropete, (:WAV)
i’ve asked the same question earlier. it’s not a bug. the desktop icon can be used to activate CFP, but since CFP has already active at start up, we don’t need it. you can just remove the desktop icon.


Hi ganda

Thanks a million :BNC

Cheers :■■■■