Shockwave player - can't get to work

Hi, I have done something in trying to stop shockwave helper from connecting to the internet, and now shockwave player will not play games. I tried allowing shockwave helper as listed in running applications within comodo, also uninstalled shockwave and re-installed using shockwave unistaller, and did the same with my browser (firefox). I’m stumped.

I discovered that the way to stop shockwave from checking for updates is to right click within a shockwave movie and go to options, then deselect the options.

Thanks. I got shockwave to work again, but now an old problem has resurfaced which I think is to do with the graphics card. I get a black screen and dead pc when using a shockwave game I have used ok before (which restarts again ok thank god). Probably some conflict somewhere - will try to sort when I have the time. Thanks anyway.