Shockwave has crashed... AGAIN!!!

Every few weeks, out of the blue, I get an error message saying ‘Shockwave Flash has crashed’. I search for a solution on google and here and eventually I find a solution. The problem is, every time, the solution is different. If the solution was the same every time, then that would not be so annoying - just remember what you did last time and do it again. But you can’t do that with this Shockwave issue. You have to waste hours searching for a new solution. Just off the top of my head, I have, this year, redownloaded and reinstalled Flash. I think that worked the first time, but never after that. In fact when this happens I can’t even go to the Adobe page to download the file because it won’t let me - the page just keeps loading. Since then it has happened at least 5 times, each time requiring a different solution. One time I had to uncheck "Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)'. Another time I had to go into dragon:plugins and check Disable then Enable and shut it down and restart. This time, those don’t do anything - the ‘suppress HTTP’ one was already unchecked. I have also tried 1. Enable Flash player plugin 2. Open “dragon:\flags” in a tab and enable “GPU composinting on all pages” 3. Restart Comodo Dragon. It isn’t working and neither are the other things I’ve tried in the past.

Why does this keep happening all the time, what am I supposed to do to solve the problem this time, why is the solution always different, and when is there going to be a permanent solution? You can see by googling it that this problem has been happening to a lot of people, for years. Otherwise Comodo is a good browser, but this is not really acceptable.


Because of their relationship browsers and Flash Player have to keep up with each other. Since both Chromium/Dragon and Flash Player undergo updates quite often it is very hard to achieve 100% stability. Given the vast number of possible system configurations it is likely that some issues will emerge.

Now, to handle the issue at hand.

Does the issue reproduce only once every few weeks or does it persist after it occurs? Is Flash Player running normally on your system at the moment?

Note: I have underlined the word “once” because both Chromium/Dragon and Flash Player update once every few weeks. Updates normally try to keep up with each other and ensure compatibility, however, they are not perfectly timed. For instance if Flash Player gets an update, there are chances that there will be issues in the current Chromium/Dragon version. These issues are normally fixed when Chromium gets updated.


Thank you for the explanation about releases and timings.

It depends. It used to happen ‘once’, and after I found the latest solution, the problem would go away for a while. But recently, as in the last month or so, it has been happening with much greater frequency. It happens several times a day now. I have given up looking for solutions because when I implement one, it only fixes the problem for a few minutes or maybe as long as a day. Now I’m just using Task Manager to shut Comodo down and restarting it, and I have to do that sometimes a few times a day.

Sorry I didn’t respond earlier, for some reason I didn’t get any email notification of your reply.

Also, Privdog is no longer working. Does that have anything to do with this, or should I start a new thread?

Did you try a clean installation of Dragon or a USB installation to see if problems with your profile or configuration are playing a role or not?

I did uninstall Comodo and do a clean install about a month ago. It didn’t solve the problem. I have not tried running it off a USB, no.