Shockwave Flashplayer crashes

Why does the flashplayer crash 20 times every day when playing Farmviille 2 in Comodo Dragon? I have been fighting this for months and it is just getting worse. Is there a fix? I have CIS pro and have removed all my addons and still it continues.

…I found, after A LONG TIME, that Dragon does very poorly /w/FarmVille, actually, all Zynga apps, ie. getting kicked off a lot, (the “woah farmer - oops we found something wrong”, thing, & having to load n wait n load n wait multiple times just to get through it - IceDragon didn’t do any better either - it seems that Comodo is so security/privacy motivated, that their browsers must be blocking or disabling certain code that breaks a lot of functionality of a lot of websites - one thing I found in all browsers is that, the little envelope you click in FarmVille to accept & send gifts n stuff, is set up as a 3rd party cookie, so if you don’t allow 3rd party cookies, (or have your setting to block them, IN ANY BROWSER) the little envelope thing WON’T work, IN ANY BROWSER - when I started using FireFox, with no restrictions set in the options, it works smooth & fast, (I tried this too with both CD, & CID, but it was still problematic), & that’s all I use FireFox for, is FarmVille - in any browser, if you have your settings configured to delete all data, (cookies & other temp. internet files, history, passwords, form fill info., address bar history, etc.), WHO CARES what cookies are set for that session, if they’re all ‘poofed’ when you close the browser - they will never see any cookie but the ones that originate from their own site, or their 3rd party affiliates while you’re on, or, revisit their site, (& they already know what those ones are), therefore, nobody will ever be able to ‘build’ a history or pattern of your internet travels or whatever - it doesn’t pay to be overly paranoid, it just decreases ones own lifespan…

Thanks for the info. I was hoping to get away from using Firefox on Farmville 2 as it does so much hoping around. I got the flashplayer error there yesterday too and mine is always updated to the latest. I guess I am forced to go back as Dragon is a nightmare on all Zynga related pages. Too bad they don’t care to fix it.

Still having the same issue only worse. I am done with this browser, they need to fix it or get rid of it. It is a pain! Seems they should be more responsive. >:( :-TD