shockwave crash

why cant dragon operate without any problems? version 7 problems,version 8 more problems. i am seriously thinking of dumping comodo all together , the ongoing problem(s) are a constant. i know comodo is free but so aint zone alarm firewall and avast av,i am sure those are not plagued with constant “issues”. been using comodo for years but during the last year it has been 1 issue after another.

Dragon can’t operate without problems because there are no regular updates. And that is very unprofessional for a security company. This means that you better not use Comodo Dragon. Not only because it has performance issuess but also it’s very unsafe.

Until further notice Comodo will jump the Chromium bandwagon again with v41:

how bout this novel idea…try it out before releasing

Without further investigation of your situation we cannot comment. Please continue in your other topic shockwave crash . You never answered if the problem was due to double plugin or not. That would be a good starting point.

I will lock this topic.