shockwave crash

is anyone else experiencing shockwave crash? i have 2 pc’s both win 8.1 and they both have cis 8 installed

I had this problem too, using Windows 7, but I can’t say for sure that Shockwaves crashes because of the browser I use. It could be many other things.

i only get this on dragon. i.e. theres no problems

I also get this problem on Windows 8.1 32-bit with Dragon and flash 16,0,0,235.

It is not Comodo…Chrome’s pepper flash AND Adobe Flash both experience shockwave crashes. ■■■■ irritating, but this is NOT a Comodo fault…Be great if their boffins could fix it tho, eh? :wink:

If you have both version of the flash plugin (NPAPI/PPAPI), make sure only one is enabled.
Note: Expand the details to see both.

look at “extensions?”

i cant find any extension or plug in under “extensions” for cd