Shocking research results about the effects of games■■■■■■-would-have-been-influenced-by-violent-video-games-say-researchers/

You can also find many articles backed by academics on why the video games are good for you as well. You can’t make such statements as ■■■■■■ it’s pure speculation as for the whole article. Some academics got nothing better to do in terms of research. But sure if you already unstable mentally anything can affect you not just the video games.

““Parents need to be asking themselves, ‘, do I want my children playing games that could have inspired Genghis Khan to massacre the civilian populations of Eurasia?or ‘am I happy for them to be exposed to content that might have convinced Mao Zedong to instigate China’s disastrous Cultural Revolution?’”

The last time I played as Genghis Khan as a kid in the video game I got inspired to learn the history about such wars. That’s all…

I mean, thats a funny joking
with a true core
“finding” reasons
for things


Yeah LOL! Or just maybe we would never even had WW2 as ■■■■■■ would play games all day long :slight_smile:

The whole article seems like a joke and/or troll attempt.

If it is serious, … I don’t know, I can’t ever imagine it’s serious.

““Not only that, but if ■■■■■■, Himmler, Goebbels, and other prominent members of the SS had been regular gamers, our data suggests that World War II would have happened earlier, lasted longer and involved at least one giant, genetically engineered super-■■■■ with glowing eyes and machine gun arms.””

Is this meant to be serious or a joke? I am not familiar with the site.

Edit: Looking at some other articles, I will think that the article is a joke.

“researchers at the University of Cambridge, England, have confirmed” LOL! :smiley:

The article which i read before was,
that rockstar announced that involved psychologists confirm,
GTA5 will cause only 19% of the players to do brutal crimes.
The other 81% will just do things like crossing the street on the wrong point, or hooligan stuff.

Its satire. And satire shows real things very vivid sometimes.
From another point of view.

I don’t know if I’m supposed to have a moment of enlightenment when reading that or not, either way I’m not getting it… :-\

It doesn’t sound Serious. But it does have truth, we are affeted by video games. an article on the Magzine the Week talked about the tragedy in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut talked about how the shooter played a lot of violent video games such as Halo.

It looks serious as it is all over NET. As I said if you already unstable mentally anything can affect you not just the video games. Also it is usually not so simple as that it’s not just one thing it’s a mix of things… Social isolation, bullying, family issues and now you add the video game into it you get the picture?

If that was relevant,
ask the +99,99999999999999% people who play games and are good people :wink:

You dont say, water is poison just because a few people could manage to drink too much from it.

That example plays with our expectation that we have in front of “prints”

We are affected by every single thing around us, but if playing a video game was the only thing making you perform something like a school shooting, then I would argue there were something wrong with that individual and not with the games.

I have been playing games since I was rather small and I’ve been playing pretty bloody games, funny thing I’ve never got the urge to kill someone or even hit someone. That goes for everyone else I know that enjoy playing video games.

Also, with so many people playing games, you can just simply assume it was the game that pushed someone. If I were to go to a park an start bombing everyone with water, would the water-bottle I had at home be the reason? No. (Yes that is a bad comparison but I don’t care) If I play a game for example Hitman, I’m not going to walk out and think “Oh I want to assassinate someone”

For games to actually affect someone, that individual would probably already have to be wanting to do something like that, or be mentally damaged enough to actually take it in and think it’s a great idea.

Give me a proper study that shows normal people playing games will turn them into killers, then I will give you credit, but such a study doesn’t exist, or at least it shouldn’t from my own experience. And if it was true, then you would have millions and millions of killers going around killing all the time.

So yeah, while games affect us as everything else does, it doesn’t affect us that much as in making us commit murders, unless we already have an idea that we want to do that, or if we are already mentally damaged.


It’s not his fault it was the games he played excuse.

They use games because they are a easy target :slight_smile:

It is a wonder they did not blame horror movies in the past, or maybe they did not look for a excuse for someone behaviour so easily then.

I thought the article was great satire! :smiley: Thanks for sharing, Clockwork.

So have I.

Granted, the earliest games I played included Pong, :-[ but that’s beside the point…

In fact, I find rampaging through a video game a great way to ■■■■ off steam.

Games are completely harmless. There are just too many normal, well-adjusted, non-violent people that enjoy blowing things away in video games to state otherwise.

Which brings up another point… Why is it that only violent games get this stigma? Surely if the phenomenon works for violence, it would have to happen for other types of games as well! Where are the serial basketballists or footballists that video games have produced?

Judge - Jimmy, why did you storm into that mall throwing that football around?
Jimmy - I’m sorry you honor, it’s just that I’ve played so much Madden… 88) :smiley:

My best example of “bias for agenda” in this section:

The political party that propagates “forced army duty is an important development for a man to be a good person”,
is the same party that is convinced:
“Playing video games is making people killers.”

While i know that the majority of players would not march into the next war,
while knowing that there is no respawn, but a very likely chance to have a need for such a respawn. In an average of 30 minutes of combat time.

If you would show the people in 1914 a source mod about the war in the trenches, no one would have agreed to march. Because you can feel the madness. And it would be more mental health to lay those politicians over the knee and spank their ■■■■■ instead.
Or send them into these trenches to fight out their stupid ideology.

IMO games can help make people aware of real life consequences.

Actual race driving for example, while real racing is not virtual it is still a form of game.
Some racing drivers are the most aware drivers on our roads understanding the need for safety.

It all comes down to personal attitudes and responsibility.

I do believe that some people with immoral thoughts can use a game as a type of role model, studying ideas to help in the creation of a wicked plan.
When actions from a game get used in a real life situation, the game suddenly becomes the target getting the blame for the changing someones mental state of mind.
The same can be said for television, books, web or any other ways of receiving ideas.

Immoral thoughts were already present in these type of people, the external items did not create these thoughts.
Some form of terrible action is already inevitable in these situations, with or without a game.

Newspapers generate/“find” “important facts”, to keep people buying. “We have the answer to the unanswerable! One hour after the incident.”
Politicians want to profile themselves. “I am your man, i will take care!”
And other strange causes.

My opinion is close to captainstick’s. A big research done for the UN about consequences of violence in movies (not games) involving looking at lots of studies shows that violence can influence people who are vulnerable and in socially challenging situations. But it does not influence the majority.