Shock and Awe

Fanboi or not,I have to say as one who has had grave doubts about CIS,that after using it,I am amazed.
The speed with which false positives are corrected (If you e-mail them to the lab),is beyond compare.
Right now on my Windows Xp Sp3 machine,with 1 gig of RAM,CIS with the “Kyle” defence+ settings and Statesfull antivrius settings,is using 7188k,for both process’s.
That is for a firewall,and a antivirus,and what shocked me,a really manageable HIP’s.
For the first couple of days I ran with CIS and Returnil plus Sandboxie.
Then I removed Returnil.
A few more days saw Sandboxie go bye-bye.
(both are great programs but I really feel I no longer need them. I do want the Comodo Time Machine to arrive,however.)
Just getting people to try CIS is really all that is needed.
It is not a Saul on the Damascus road type thing,but I know when I have been wrong.
CIS is great software.

V. glad to hear its working so well for you.

Can I ask what were the causes of your “grave doubts”? Just out of curiousity.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I agree. I have recently removed avast and now I have only CIS 3.9 RC and I feel safe with it.

DEar Panic:Yeah.
Past problems with mad dog super chatty hips applications (early versions of Defence+ included.)
Irrational prejudice against “super Firewalls” (LONG time Kerio 2.1.5 guy)
Avira is the only AntiVirus party line toeing.
Too much time at Wilders.
That sort of thing.

CIA is getting better with every release. The chattiness is reduced greatly in the latest version and if you use Parental Controls, they are eliminated entirely.

Too much time at Wilders??? :slight_smile:

I occasionally post at Wilders forums. There’s a bunch of very knowledgeable people there but just saying the word “Comodo” over there can create a dust-up. I can see their point that Comodo has more than its fair share of fanboys, but they fail to see that the noise of the anti-fanboys is just as loud and overbearing at times. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you for your compliments. That makes the Comodo devvers and Melih happy people.

I agree the folks from the False Positives board do a wonderful job. They are very prompt and will always report back quickly. I am always surprised about that when I scout the forums. Kudos to them. :-TU

Technically it is said to be pretty impressive; the low amount of memory resources CIS takes. It makes me a happy user as I run Win7/Vista/XP on older hardware with just 1 GB worth of RAM.

Having CIS lessens the need for other safety residential measures. Of course I have on demand antispyware scanners at hand… oh wait… I think Windows Defender may be running on Win 7… (:NRD)

Moe Welcome

I actualy Like You :slight_smile:
First user to make me smile…

CIS is improving day by day, (We don’t really realize it)


True, they now have more than 3 million white listed applications… :-TU :-TU
And over 4 Million blacklisted… ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT:: refering to the AV database ofc.

In reality all thats not white listed is blacklisted in comodo by D+ (default deny), so I guess one could argue that the blacklist is gigantic.