Shine Security

Shine Security is reinventing the idea of what it means to be an antivirus company in an age of cyber-warfare and zero-day attacks. The company’s technology was built by white hat, ethical hackers, and works in real time, performing behavioral monitoring on end users’ systems in order to stop newly emerging threats that other anti-virus firms have yet to discover or identify.

Unlike traditional anti-virus/anti-malware providers, Shine doesn’t use definition files or virus signatures (like Symantec, Kaspersky, McAfee and others); it doesn’t analyze code in search of patterns (like Lookout), nor does it use “sandboxing” techniques where files and bits initially run in a protected space for milliseconds to help determine whether or not the code is malicious.

Instead, Shine Security performs real-time behavioral analysis on the device itself. It monitors every event taking place using machine learning algorithms that identify new threats moments after they occur. Of course, that means it can’t stop the very first steps that a particular piece of malware may take – the activity that helps Shine identify it in the first place. But that’s where the company’s other breakthrough comes in. Devices running Shine can “self heal” after malicious code runs, and is then stopped.

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P.S Windows version coming soon…

Interesting, might be something to look at, however I wonder how a combination of Shine Security and CIS would work? Also Shine Security and AX64 Time Machine… and then lastly a combination of all three? =3 I’m talking about the Windows version btw.
I assume there will be or already is one for Android, I wonder if it plays nicely with CMS?

Edit: I tested it on my Asus PadFone with CMS installed and Shine Security caught CMS as a virus ;D Just had to Unblock it though. I tried the Eicar test and CMS caught it but Shine Security (I’ll refer to it as SS from now on) does not, however I think that is because SS does not use signatures and the Eicar test file is actually not really a virus but rather a file saying it is a virus in text, i.e only good for signature based AV. - And I’m not really so how on the idea of installing a real virus on my phone just for testing. ^-^‘’

Yeah that’s what I thought :slight_smile: Good Q’s… Time will show :slight_smile: Thanks for the info :-TU

I might have to take a look at this. A full behavior analysis system AV can be and excellent product.

Sounds like a useful product.

Has anyone seen any reviews of the android version? :S At the moment it’s the only thing that protects my phone but I have no idea if it actually works as advertised. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not yet if I see any I will let you know. I’m sure that you are safe with it…