ShieldsUp Test [RESOLVED]

Testing within my 7 free trial days for TrustConnect, I find that when I am connected to the Internet through Comodo and TrustConnect, doing the port scan with ShieldsUp, ports 22 and 443 are red and open. All the others are blocked. Why is this, and what problems could such open ports cause? Thanks for helping.


This is because it’s scanning the server of TrustConnect. Port 22 and 443 are open. They need to be open to allow incoming traffic, else you wouldn’t be able to connect to it. Port 443 is used for incoming traffic through TrustConnect, and port 22 for SSH Remote Login.
However, your computer doesn’t have any open ports, so you’re completely safe.


Oh Person with a Very Impressive Title,

Thanks for the explanation! It was clear, concise and helpful, both to me and to others who are reading these forum posts and want to know more about TrustConnect. I will keep this software and take my laptop on a trip to the public library or an Internet cafe and surf in safety. I have had no problems with it. It works both with regular browsing and with my email - two POP3 accounts. Thanks again.

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