Shields Up test surprise

Ran the Shields Up test yesterday, with Win XP firewall (not Comodo). It completely passed the test (as I remember, I may be wrong because I was in shock). Hey, I thought the XP firewall was worthless, according to the Matousec test were Comodo scored extremely well? Or is the Shields Up test not reliable?

Any comments?


Hi LeoniAquila,

Do you have a hardware firewall, like a router? If you do, GRC’s Shields Up! will test the router and not the firewall(CPF).


WinXP FW will give you a “stealth” rating from websites that test such things, as it will drop unsolicited packets. At least, as I understand it. Thus, it’s better than a wet sheet of paper wrapped around your internet cable. ;D

However, it will allow jackrabbits to crawl out of your computer and thru the cable to the internet and not say a word (because it won’t even know…).


Ragwing, no hardware.


, certainly true. Curious though, how leak-secure it is, for intrusions… well it doesn’t matter much. Since it lacks outbound protection, it’s not worth its name of a firewall. Oh, let me edit that - since it’s named Microsoft it’s worth its name… :wink: :smiley:


Yes when i found out that windows XP’s firewall did stealth you i was shocked.

There is a difference from passing a simple and controlled test, and stealthing you from an aggressive hacker. :wink:

Amen to that! Put an old sheet over your computer with WinXP FW and then maybe the hackers will think you’re a ghost, lol. ;D



But not to my surprise Microsoft is pushing its firewall (on vista.) Sharing is allowed at the core level unless it is turned off and windows firewall is enabled. Of course any firewall will not allow the sharing of resources unless specified, but the windows ‘file and printer sharing’ will be enabled unless windows firewall is enabled.

Thankfully vista’s built in firewall is much better. Yet a 3rd party firewall is still advisable.