Shields Up Ping for Comodo

When I tested my Comodo Pro at “Shields Up” I received this FAILED message:
“Ping Reply: RECEIVED (FAILED) — Your system REPLIED to our Ping (ICMP Echo) requests, making it visible on the Internet. Most personal firewalls can be configured to block, drop, and ignore such ping requests in order to better hide systems from hackers. This is highly recommended since “Ping” is among the oldest and most common methods used to locate systems prior to further exploitation.”

Can anyone give me instructions on how to configure Comodo to NOT accept these “ping” requests?
Also,everytime I try to contact Linksys I get some call-center around the other side of the world and no one seems to understand English or can operate outside of a “script” as to setting up security on the WRT54G Router.
Is anyone familiar with this particular router and if so could you please advise on how to set up the best security for it?
Any help on the previous 2 subjects would be GREATLY appreciated! (:HUG)


It’s your router, and not CFP 3 that fails to block the ICMP echo requests (ping). There might be an option in Linksys to block ping.


Please read here. You need to configure your router properly. Shields Up test your hardware firewall first and not Comodo.

I have the same problem. I have a Wireless-N Broadband Router, WRT160N, Firmware Version: v1.02.2.

And I can’t find out how to fix this. Help please?

Please visit your manufactures site for your problem. It is not a Comodo problem when your behind a hardware firewall.

Sillydreamboy, I have the WRT54G, you may try this

type- into your address bar type- admin into the password box (unless you’ve changed the password which you should have) click firewall. Make sure block anonymous internet requests is checked (unless you’re set up with port forwarding for uTorrent) and try to ping again.

Sarcasm Thank you!!! (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP) (S), not you. Sarcasm

Yeah, I tried that, but I can’t find out how to yet. I wonder if it my router doesn’t have the option. :THNK :THNK


P.S. Please don’t take any of the words inbetween the sarcasm’s personally. (:LGH)

Of course it does. Read those instructions. You need to type 192.168…etc into your web browser address bar. Well I could be wrong but you need to check out those instructions. If not run the stealth port wizard in Comodo and select the option to block all incoming connections.

Wasn’t being scholastic but also look here.

That’s what I had done. I looked at all the pages I could go to, but they didn’t have it. Oh well. I think my router isn’t that great, because I’ve seen some the have more options.

You may have to update your firmware. Only do this on a wired computer. Check the Linksys site for more details.

Added: here’s the firmware page for the WRT54G. Two notes. Your current firmware version is on the top right when you open the router GUI ( make sure you choose the correct version router in the link below. Mine’s a v5 and needs updating.