Shields Up & PC Flank Port Scanning

It seems like many users don’t understand how these tests work. Shields Up gives you a good explanation if you read all the way through and not just click scan all ports. I have used many different firewalls and I always get the same results in Shields Up and PC Flank. All ports are not stealthed. With Shields Up the first top row or so would be blue then the rest green. Now this test WILL NOT BE accurate of a software firewall but it will be accurate of a hardware firewall. If you are behind a router or a modem with a built in hardware firewall Shields Up and PC Flank will test your hardware firewall first. People panic when the test comes up failed and think Comodo isn’t protecting them. So I did 2 tests. One with my 2Wire Gateway DSL modem at default values and running Comodo 3.0. I went to Shields Up and ran the " All Service Ports" scan. The test failed and all ports were not stealthed. Was this Comodo’s fault? Was Comodo not up to snuff. Not. Cause Shields Up is testing my 2Wire first. Then I went into my modem settings by typing in my IP address into Firefox’s web address bar. Then I saw all my 2Wire modem settings. I went to firewall and checked off “Stealth Mode” and “Block Ping”. I then went back to Shields Up and the test passed with flying colors and all ports stealthed. What does this mean? It means that when you fail the Shields Up test don’t blame Comodo or any other software firewall you are using. This only applys to people who have a hardware firewall. Also I ran this test years ago and not recently but I thought I would share this info with people to help people understand. Thanks. (R)