Shield problems

I downloaded the newest version of Comodo firewall some days ago, and the “shields” have started to bugg me for unknown reason

everythime i restart windows i must confirm if “svchost” shall be granted acces, somethimes moore than once, i have only Application monitor and Network monitor active, no reules is marked to block, nothing haver changed

there is allso problem with multiplayer games, impossible to load servers if Comodo is active, still there is no prompt message to acces this connection…cause its allready marked as allow, and worked 1 week ago

any ideas, what shield it could be thath mess? have tested reinstall

so there is 2 questions

1: Why Comodo dont want to realize Svchost is allready accepted

2: Why Comodo block multiplayer games for no reason, well i guess it could be a
common issue on both this problems


Hello Kloppstock and welcome to the Comodo Support Forums,

Please delete all rules for svchost in the application monitor, this way it will force Comodo to update it’s knowledge on svchost and create new rules, therefor resolving the issue (this has resolved issues when users have had problems similar to this in the past).

As for the games you will need to create appropriate rules in the network monitor and move the rules you have created toward the top.


Thank you

Great the svchost problem is gone now

when it comes to multiplayer game rules…i have allways used the application monitor, and browse to the “game”.exe and add “alow” both incoming and outgoing…this used to work before atleast

now when you say i shall use “Network monitor” instad i must ask how it works, “add” but what next?, how can i point it towards my game, when there is no browse alternative?


Im still having problems, i have all 4 shield in comodo main activated

and i have checked, there is nothing related to network marked to “block”, the problem is, every website i visit goes really slow to load, it take a decade to load the images, during the time the sites load its impossible to load Comodo bye a coincedence not, clearley beacuse its working, cause when i close Comodo down after finish proccesing, and refresh the site again, it goes on 2 sec to load the sites images all suddenley

so there is something here, thath are blocking, but i have no clue what it is

any ideas ???