Shield Firewall-What the heck is this??????

I think, that comodo has to take immediate measures to stop that lie!!!

Lol! I can’t believe i missed this :stuck_out_tongue:

5 minutes ago, the first picture on this site->
was a screenshot of Shield firewall.Now, 5 minutes later, there is another picture.Getabest editors choice 2009.WoW, how fast they changed it!
@Kyle, i missed it too and now i’m shocked! :o

Looks like it’s Comodo sell their engine and a little modification from them.
(Isn’t it ? Just guessing)

I don’t know, but look at this video->

Looks familiar, right? Do Kaspersky know that?

edit: And what is F-secure doing here?

Too many questions…I really do not understand.


The Shield firewall indeed licensed CIS, it’s legal.

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Well, the question is: Who is buying The shield, if CIS exists?

edit: And who needs two identical programs with different names?There is CIS pro.What exactly is the case with ‘‘The shield’’?Can somebody explain this?

It’s legitimate. They’ve licensed the app and provide their own support in return for payment. Updates are stillpulled from Comodo’s servers though.

I think, that, at least comodo has to force them to change their GUI.At minimum!!If you see a bottle of coca cola with brand ‘‘boca bola’’ and the coca cola company assure you that’s a legitimate product, just the name is changed, the taste is the same, the look too, what will you think about this company?

Hello Guys.

Please looks at this

Compared with Bitdefender internet 2009.

I don’t know what’s up and How different between bitdefender ?

This has been asked before, it’s legit. CIS will ALWAYS be free., so I don’t see what the big deal is. Comodo made a deal with another company and made some money from it. We users benefit from it and helps pay for more free stuff coming out like (Comodo Time Machine) :wink:

This topic should be locked because I don’t see any new info coming from this and the other one kind of got out of hand. IMO

Since this matter has now been clarified I’m closing this thread.