Shell Code Injection. Explorer Buffer Overide. Please Help

I am using the latest version of Comodo Firewall with Defense Shield

Comodo Defense Shield has caught the following

Date/Time Application Action Target

1/27/2010 2:46:37 PM

C:\Windows\explorer.exe Shellcode Injection

Please help me.

Am I hacked?

CIS detected a buffer overflow error in explorer.exe. This buffer overflow error may be used by malware in order to get into your system. However it may also mean that it found just the buffer overflow and nothing is happening as there is no malware present that can exploit it.

When you know your system is clean you can allow CIS to ignore it. In case of doubt let it terminate the application.

When you terminate explorer.exe the desktop will be empty and you won’t see the task bar. You will only see the desktop background image. Now push ctrl+alt+Esc to call Task Manager. In Task Manager go to File → New task (run) → enter explorer.exe → OK. Now you are back to normal.

When in doubt about whether you have a malware infection you can follow What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3. When you need help understanding the results start a topic in the Virus/Malware Removal Assistance board.