sheduled backup failed code 53


ive just installed an NAS and Comodo backup.

tested id,. and it works.

now he has to backup automatical, but that fails

sheduled backup failed code 53

where can i search for that problem?
what is code 53?



Hoi Henri,

What’s the CB version you are using?
What’s the backup type you chose?

files & directories



sorry for late answer, my own computer crash :-[
but i use the latets comodo version, ive downloaded it from the website.
i try to maken an scheduled backup to my NAS, ive choose the backup to network methode.

ive tested it with register, systemfiles, files and directories, all the same problem.

most strange in this situation is that ive tested it the first time, and it work perfect.(i start the sheduled backups manualy)

ive removed the backupped files from the nas, because the sheduled backup has to to the backup.
the schedule was planned 12:00, (ive tested it 10:00)

when i take a look to the log files, i see there was no text added to the logfile.
when i open comodo, i see “failed code 53” and all scheduled backups are failed.


Hi, Im getting exactly the same problem with a newly installed version of Comodo - CODE 53. Ran first backup just fine, but won’t have a bar of it since…Any clues??

Thanks, David


This might be a connection error.

Are you trying to backup to a network computer?
Does it require a username/password?


Hi Emanuel

Yes, it is backed up to a network computer - home-based, 2PCs, connected through Windows 7 HomeGroup. I have them set-up to backup to each other. No username or password required to access either.


Please post a screen-shot of access rights, for the shares where backups are stored.
It should look like in the attachment:


[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi Emanuel

Thanks for the reply, but I couldn’t see any attachments. Can you please clarify what you mean by “shares”? If it helps, I am set up as an administrator on both machines.

I attached a screen-shot to my previous post.
It should be visible if are logged in.
A “share” is a folder that is accessible through network.
I’m interested of what users have access to that share.

You can learn about file sharing here:

or here: