Shavlik Technologies' HFNetChkPro and beta .21

I’ve been using Shavlik Technologies’ HFNetChkPro since the recommendation from Brian Livingston,, it replaces windows update. I then installed CPF version beta .21 and now the process stschedex.exe, which is part of the HFNetChkPro product, seems to go into some kind loop eating up 95-98% of the cpu. I uninstalled CPF and all is fine, stschedex.exe is just a process in the task manager getting 0 cpu. Reinstall CPF and stschedex.exe again shows 95-98% cpu usage. I guess there’s a conflict here?
Running XP pro.


We will try to install it in our lab and will see if we can produce the same behaviour, if yes, will come up with update or suggestion depending on what we find.

Problem still exists with the lastest version,


Thanks for pointing out this program, I just downloaded it and installed. I am not seeing the problem you are. I am using Comodo and stChedEx.exe is using 0 CPU and 4,468K memory