Shared Space

If I use my browser normally & download & save anything in Shared Space folder & then run it from there, what are the effects? i.e it runs normal like a file run from any folder or any other thing? Any other infos?

everything in Shared space affects your real system, it is just a " bridge" between Kiosk and your sytem

So if I save normally in shared space & if I run kiosk & run the saved stuffs in the shared space then it will not affect the real system, right?

Yes anything run from shared space runs non-virtualised. If you run it from Kiosk it runs with a red border to show it’s an exception.

You can define other folders as shared using excluded folders in sandbox settings - I’m guessing that the same will apply if you run software from those. If you do define further folders as shared do give them a name that makes it obvious.