Shared Space question

I’m sorry if this is the wrong area to ask this. I’m asking here since it is installed with CIS. What exactly is “Shared Space”? Is there a way to disable or remove it? I don’t use it and it just takes up space and, if I’m correct, shows as a “ghost” drive under “My Computer”.

Thank you.

I’ve also found that the Auto Sandbox option creates an issue when trying to print to my HP Photosmart D110 printer. With Auto Sandbox turned on, my printer doesn’t show up in the list of printers in Notepad++ or Open Office. With Auto Sandbox turned off, my printer shows as an option in both. How can I fix this and keep Auto Sandbox turned on?

Shared space shouldn’t take up any space unless you have something it. Share space is a special place on your hard drive where items can be accessed by both the real system, and anything running in the sandbox/virtual desktop.

What level is your sandbox running in? Printing actually requires significant amount of privileges in the system and that’s why its an attack vector. If your comfortable with it then you can try running the sandbox with fully virtualized, but I believe it has the potential to leak data.

I don’t use Shared Space, regardless of whether it uses disk space or not. It still has to use processing power to run. Is it possible to remove just that component. It should be an option to install it, or not.

I’m not sure what level it was at. Currently, it’s turned off. Can you tell me how to modify the settings so that my printer works with sandbox enabled?

Shared space is not a program so it does not take processing power its just a file folder that CIS creates under C:\ProgramData. CIS then excludes this folder from being sandboxed so the user can transfer files from the sandbox to the real system.

OK on the shared space item.

Any advice on settings for sandbox to stop the issue with my printer?

you can try adding the print spooler file to the sandbox exclusions. I have not tried this so please let us know if it works.

the file is located here: C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe

NOTE: This will leave you vulnerable to malware that utilize the print spooler to infect the user

Adding the print spooler to the sandbox exclusions protects my system more than it currently is since I have auto sandboxing turned off. :slight_smile:

After adding the print spooler, the printer shows up in both Notepad++ and Open Office, but I have not rebooted the laptop yet. I’ll let you know after I’m done with it for the day and reboot it.

ok keep me posted