shared printer problem

i have a computer setup on my network being used as a media server and ftp server
i hooked up my printer to it and made it a shared printer since i leave that computer on 24/7
the printer is setup and has the latest drivers installed.
i can access it just fine from my laptop
but my parents desktop is having problems.
when i connected my laptop the printer showed up right away when windows looked for printers on my network
when my parents computer looked for it windows couldnt find it so i added it manually with success. everything prints fine until their computer is shut down or goes to sleep then the control panel says the shared printer is offline but its not. the only way i have found to make it online again is to remove the printer from their computer then readd it
all computers are running windows 7 pro 32
my laptop and the server are running cfw 5.8
my parents computer is running cis 5.8
there are no logs on their computer or the server saying anything was block
the printer is an epson stylus nx400
windows firewall is disabled on all computers

anybody have any ideas why this is happening or how to fix it?


EDIT: just wanted to add my network setup. i have a linksys e3000 running ddwrt. my parents desktop and the server have a wired connection and my laptop is wireless


This is interesting, (Oh boy I love Puzzles)…

Question, Have you added the (FTP/Media) Computer IP address to “Define a new Trusted Network” on your Parents Computer?

And Do you have any events in the firewall log on your parents computer,

and If niether above are applicable, Could you post screenshots of Global Rules of your Parents Computer?

Hope this helps


i dont have this setup anymore since i couldnt get it to work. i read around online and it seems that a lot of people had the same problem.

thanks for your help anyways

Oh Ok; Well, Sorry that I didn’t respond quicker.


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