Shared Fax number

:(. I’ve called for support regarding my fax number. I’ve been receiving faxes for another account holder. These faxes are depleting my page credits. I have yet to have this issue resolved. These faxes are legal documents and should only be viewed by their owners and other rightful parties. pLease refund my credits, since they have been used up by the other account holder’s high fax volume, and change their fax number. I have issed over 1000 business cards with this number. I am relying on this number for business purposes.

Trustfax does not share number on any accounts. Each account has it own unique fax number. If you are receiving fax not intended for you, forward the fax to and they will contact the sender to let them know they are sending to a wrong number and they can also replenish your account for the faxes.

this is simply a case of someone sending faxes to a wrong number! it happens and will continue to happen as long as we are humans :slight_smile:

the best thing that differentiates Trustfax is: you have a central authority (thats us) whom you can contact and we can get in touch with the sender and get them to correct their mistake.

also your credits will be replenished. pls get in touch with support… they are very nice people and very eager to help :slight_smile: