Shared connection

Hi guys,
I tring to shared my connection with WinXP with the firewall switched on, but I can’t do it.

… anybody can help me?

Sorry, I can’t personally help, as I don’t have XP or a shared connection.

But, it might be useful to others in assisting you, if you were to check CPFs log & to post any relevant entries from the shared connection attempt that you find in there (CPFs log can be exported to an HTML/TXT file & it should be a simple cut ‘n’ paste from there - remembering to mask your own IP address if necessary).

Thank you…
I don’t find the log…
Anyway I think that this option is easy to switched on if you know it…

To use windows Internet Connection Sharing, all you need to do is to 1) define a zone that covers the IP addresses of your PCs and any routers on your LAN, and 2) set that zone as trusted. This will allow all traffic from the IP addresses in your defined zone, including ports 137 and 138 (used for file and print sharing).

The two options named above are found in SECURITY - TASKS.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: