Share my CIS ver3.9 Firewall basic configuration for you.

environmental=for xp
Firewall enabled, Defense+ enabled, Avira AV

My firewall basic configuration with custom policy settings, Share for you.

and contain v3.9 Firewall rule Patch… (4 Rule copy from CIS v3.9)
“Stronger Default Firewall policy in order to better hide from attackers(Thanks to feedback from our forum moderator Ronny”

You also can reference my configuration, Afterwards does not use.
but, if you determination must connect to the Internet from this configuration
Least, you need youself to renew the “My Port Sets” and “My Network Zones” data.

PS:The configuration maybe not support Wireless Networks, Please feedback which rule has needs, Thanks.

This is compression file, you need decompression for use. (CIS3.9.cfg)

Sorry for my bad english.

Pleaese support restore the 3.0/3.5 learn mode proposal.

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