Share funny videos as you come across them ! (or links to them)

Here’s a really funny one. ROLF everytime I see it (:LGH) (Also see other Half-Assed Theatres) (:TNG)

P.S. If you find that offensive feel free to delete it :slight_smile:

here we go :slight_smile:



and in reply …

Buffalax is the man!

Great show in america here ;D


In reply, one of the funniest shows EVER to come out of the UK

Track down all the clips. There’s 12 episodes in all, and they’re split up into two or three sections on Youtube but are REALLY worth seeing them all.

Makes me proud to work in IT!

not video

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Continuing the Swedish theme (;msg174619#new)

This Swedish reviewer is awesome ;D

Wonder what he said in Swedish at the end of the last video ;D ;D ;D

Warning…Not for Children to hear.

Anyone like the band ‘weezer’ ? Well check out the music video ‘Pork & beans’ LoL

this guy is scared to the bone ;D

chuck norris doesn’t need mushroom, chuck norris needs shotgun ;D

(just a warning, lots of profanity)

I find these 2 vidoes funny
Hope you do too.
What would you do? LOL

Second one is much better!!!