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I like it but adding this over minumizing steps it takes to get exististing functions done and implementing more efficiant ways of managing sessions and tabs. Making it even easier to search. Yes it can be done. And providing native rss support that’s user friendly like firefox or some new way that’s even more user friendly. The reason rss should be added natively is because anyone who uses it coming from another browser can’t import them. Yes theres addons for some of this but theres also addons for sharing and sharing isn’t an existing function or a standard. So why did comodo add this besides making it easy to share. Do the sharing addons suck?

I see Dragon as a browser-browser, so I agree that it should have an RSS feature. Can you name me a browser-browser that has built-in RSS? Rocketmelt and Flock are social-browsers, or maybe Maxthon. Sure, it should be friendly, like Firefox is, but it doesn’t have to be exactly like Firefox. (Disregard Maxthon, it’s Webkit-based not Chromium-based. Yes, I know that Chromium is made from Webkit, but Maxthon didn’t build the browser from Chromium, so it doesn’t count.)

I would use SlickRSS, but I would like one that detects my RSS feeds that are on my Bookmark list. I import them, since they are on my bookmarks list so they go through fine, I have no idea where you guys have your RSS feeds.

I agree, the sharing button just adds unnecessary space to the bar, so just disable it.

i don’t know what you mean by browser-browser but browsers that have native rss: IE9, FF, Opera, Safari. i don’t know if you consider some of those be browser-browsers

maxthon is both trident and webkit based but i don’t see how what a browser is built on has to do with native rss support.

i don’t like the rss addons for chromium based browsers but i’m sure i could find a better share addon than dragon’s share button but i don’t have a problem with dragon’s share button. i just don’t understand why it took priority over other things which i’m sure many find more important

Last time I’ve checked; IE9, FF, Opera, and Safari aren’t based out of Chromium. Chrome takes lead and the rest follow, so far no browser-browser has taken the idea to implement their own RSS unless Chrome does it, or that’s how it seems.

I’ve given you 2 that do this, all about being open to new things/ideas. If you happen to like their schematics, you can ask Comodo’s Dev team to make it like those browsers, instead of just FF.

I am for the native-built RSS into Dragon, yet I am wondering if they would make it as a standalone or require that we have RSS feeds in our bookmarks like Firefox does.

If someone happens to develop something, publicizing their product would be in “high priority.”

  1. again i don’t know what you mean by browser-browser. can you please explain?

  2. also i never said IE9, FF, Opera, or Safari are chromium based. i said they all have native rss support. i don’t get why you’re getting hung up on what the browser is based on. it’s irrelevant because it can be added natively in dragon. flock and rockmelt both have it native and are chromium based so it’s possible in dragon. if i’m missing something here please let me know because i get the feeling i am.

  3. i don’t get what you mean by this statement

“Chrome takes lead and the rest follow, so far no browser-browser has taken the idea to implement their own RSS unless Chrome does it, or that’s how it seems.”

again don’t know what you mean by browser-browser but dragon and chrome are the only browsers that i can think of off the top of my head that don’t have native rss. so other browsers don’t follow chrome in this aspect. if chrome ever does then chrome will be following other browsers before it. i guess your saying chrome and dragon are the only browser-browsers but i really don’t think that’s what you’re saying but judging from what you wrote that’s the only thing i can conclude until you explain what you mean by that term. please correct me.

  1. also there are many other aspects in which chrome does not lead. firefox came out with addons and others followed. either opera or some other not so known browser came out with tabs and others followed but i can’t remember for sure who had it first.

where chrome does lead is in speed, minimal design and tabs on top. other than that i can’t think of any other aspects of chrome that other browsers have adopted from chrome other than browsers that decided to be based on chromium

Speed, minimal design, and tabs-on-top is irrelevant, since we are talking about RSS here, but you are correct.
Iron and ChromePlus! are browser-browsers.
Social-browsers have RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, etc. built-in. Browser-browser don’t have those features, unless add-ons, this just implies to the Chromiums so far.
We are on the same page, where we want to have RSS built-in, but we can’t just think Firefox as an example. This is WebKit, how about to be like Safari? Saying “Make it like Firefox” repeatedly makes me feel like, “why not just go and use Firefox?”

A browser has to be unique, or there really isn’t any choice out there, other than this being WebKit Firefox. Many believe that this is just Chrome with lipstick on, before the new few visible features.

  1. you are correct in that speed, minimal design and tabs on top are irrelevant. i brought it up because you said chrome leads which is irrelevant on whether it does or not as well as naming browser-browsers that have native rrs support. obviously comodo isn’t going to make dragon a browser-browser since the addition of the share button.

  2. what is relevant is rss can be native in dragon and the fact that it’s chromium based doesn’t prevent this possibility because it’s already native in 2 chromium based browsers. whether or not those 2 browsers are browser-browsers is irrelevant because i’m not wanting dragon to add rss only if a browser-browser adds rss. i’m wanting them to add it because

  3. it can be done

  4. it would make it easier to move from another browser to dragon since the rss could then be imported regardless of how they decide to implement rss in dragon and regardless of how other browsers have rss implemented. comodo would find a way to import regardless of the differences in implementation in other browsers

  5. i’m not saying that dragon has to implement rss just like firefox which is why i said in my original post for the 2nd time

“And providing native rss support that’s user friendly like firefox or some new way that’s even more user friendly”

emphases on this part “or some new way that’s even more user friendly”. meaning more user friendly than firefox. meaning not like firefox. just yesterday i found out about rockmelts implementation of rss on cnet which i really like.

from cnet:

“It does RSS better than any other browser
If you’re on a site with an RSS feed, a little icon lights up to let you know it. It’s a snap to subscribe to the feed and add a site icon into your right-hand sidebar. RSS results display in a scrolling window, with previews. The RSS preview window doesn’t have the same functionality as the search results window, however.”

also you said this.

"We are on the same page, where we want to have RSS built-in, but we can’t just think Firefox as an example. This is WebKit, how about to be like Safari? Saying “Make it like Firefox” repeatedly makes me feel like, “why not just go and use Firefox?”

i used firefox as an example yes but i’m not saying make it just like firefox and just because i only used one example doesn’t mean i’m not open for other implementations which is why i said “or some new way that’s even more user friendly.”

also sometimes other browsers have better ideas on how to implement something so another browser will implement it the same way because they like the way the other browser did it. being different for the sake of being different isn’t going to always create a better way to do something. for example managing multiple web pages hasn’t had much innovation since tabs but i’m still not saying make it just like firefox. nor am i saying that firefox has the best native rss support especially after reading rockmelt implementation. so there could be 3 browsers that implement 1 feature the same way. does that mean that because of that, it’s irrelevant which browser you choose? no because each of the 3 browsers have other features that are not implemented the same as the other and may have some features that the others don’t have at all. so why not just use firefox? because someone might want dragon’s security and privacy but firefox’s rss support. it’s all dependent on the users needs.

OFF TOPIC: Not vital info for this conversation

my dream browser would be firefox’s flexibility and customization. the speed of which ever browsers does what the fastest. chrome’s built in pdf viewer. dragon’s security. opera’s tab stacking. rockmelt’s instant search with some modifications and maybe it’s rss suport. and some other stuff that i can’t think of

I didn’t try out that share button, but it’s actually there to let us share the sites we are visiting. I thought it’s just to tell our Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn that we use Dragon and like it. (I didn’t see that other selections where there to choose other than Facebook until I hover over the icon.) So, I completely understand that “Do other Sharing extensions suck?”

Did you request RSS it in the “New Ideas for Comodo Dragon”? Okay, this can end the RSS chat we are having, I understand now. Of course it can’t be done, it’s just the matter of “when?” If they go through the list by request, it will be released in about 2+ versions of Dragon to come. Let’s not forget that the ideas delay releases of Dragon, so the “Chrome is in version ##, so where’s Dragon ##?” will be raging on for a longer time.

I am still pondering, whether the RSS is going to go along-side the bookmarks or in a separate folder/area (RSS section doesn’t hurt) that still makes it visible in the bookmarks bar.

Sure, similar to Firefox, since it’s the idea that counts, same thing I had with the debate with Sal Amander with the “Silent Installations,” I’ve learned a lot from that guy in one day than a whole month of classes under the subject.

Well, at least we have a Chromium-relevant comparison, RockMelt’s RSS.

This is where it gets trivial, many are on other forums asking for features from many browsers. This only accumulates to browsers being equal in the near-future, only difference is that different companies make them and they have different names.

This 11 is bloated, or it loads as fast as ChromePlus!, and CP has tons of implementations, so Dragon should be much lighter, yet they load up at the same speed. Contender in load up needs to be Iron, I don’t know about Chrome.

Insecurities only rely on the user. If the user goes to sites that are malicious or clicks on something he doesn’t know what it is, then he’s responsible for his actions. Linux method says, “You don’t need an antivirus, just don’t go to bad sites.” Official sites that are known like,,,, etc.

My Dream browser is Firefox with extensions, yet it loads up slow, so I use Dragon for gaming. This might change if you try their Firefox Nightly 7.0a1, barely Ghostery is updated for it though. Foxit is not bad, if you overlook the toolbar that we can’t seem to find an option to exclude from the install. (We can exclude the ask toolbar but not the foxit toolbar.)

FF, or equivalent Palemoon, load the pages faster, even with Adblock and Ghostery on. Chromiums take a while on stock and worse with Adblock + Ghostery.
Here’s my FF add-ons: Adblock Plus, Brief (RSS), Download Tweak Manager, NetVideoHunter (Easy Youtube Downloader), Ghostery, gTranslator, Last Pass, SkipScreen, FasterFox Lite, Tab Mix Plus, XMarks, Webmail Adblocker, MacOSX Theme (Subtle Gray), Scrollbar Search Highlighter, Restartless Restart

i don’t understand why you said this

“Sure, similar to Firefox, since it’s the idea that counts”

can you please explain?

It’s the idea that counts. :slight_smile:

actually it’s this part i don’t understand sorry

“Sure, similar to Firefox”

Sure, if you want it to be like Firefox, then by all means ask it as a suggestion. In my case, the suggestion I would suggest would be relevant to the source, being Chromium.

Pardon for my mistake, it’s RockMelt not RocketMelt, and trying it out, I am not down with the idea that I have to be signing into FB just to be able to use it. Having to opt-out everytime, it’s annoying, so just would like the RSS idea. :slight_smile:

again i suggested firefox because it’s implementation is simple but i said right after that or use some new more user friendly way of implementing rss. so my ultimate suggestion for dragon’s implementation is to be user friendly. not to be like firefox.

as for the 2nd part of your post, are you saying that you have to be signed in to facebook to even use the browser? if so then that’s a huge drawback for me as well in trying rockmelt and like you i woud just like their idea for rss

I don’t really like social media so that browser wouldn’t even be an option for me. Reminds me of the Linux distro called JoliCloud that basically wants to be all cloud based and requires you to use your FaceBook account (or create a JC account) just to use the OS. Horrible idea.

That same OS would overheat my laptop, must be a Linux thing, though. Yeah, I had to use FB info to login into Joli, as well.