Shall I Update to CIS v4?


Basically I have CIS version 3.14 and I guess something was activated only the other day to notify all v3 users of the v4 being available (even though it’s been available for a few months now!!)…

Is it worth me updating, because I wouldn’t like to upgrade to find it doesn’t work and then can’t get my v3 back working!

If anybody has any pro’s and con’s of v4 compared to v3 it would be helpful…

Thankyou! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am having all sorts of problems and wish I had not seen the offer to upgrade. See my other one post for details. Under Application Agent is not running.

No I wouldn’t mate. I made a mistake of updating and so far it has been utter ■■■■. I have no antivius and so I am not fully ptotected, yet dispite asking for help hours ago I am still sitting on the anti virus part waiting for help >:-D

Stay away from it. If I knew how to get v3 back I would.

On top of that I have been a member for years and after trying to sign on today I find my account has gone >:-D



I only updated to v-4 a couple of days ago. I am pleasantly surprised. I loved version 3 and did not want to leave it but took the plunge finally. Other than a few sandbox false positives and a couple of D+ popup questions it has proven to be very quiet and stable.

I would recommend a full uninstall of v-3 and install version 4 leaving it in defalult mode. You should, as I did, then pass all leaktests and will be thoroughly protected. Please use the complete CIS suite though do not break it up.


Are you unable to remove v4? If you want to install 3.14 find it on a site such as filehippo. Uninstall 4 using revo uninstaller then use cis removal tool found on these pages (cis rt 3 works on 4) reboot. All should be well to install v3.

I uninstalled v3 then installed v4.1! There were some issues with v4.0…but fixed in v4.1

There were few files that wanted to sandbox themselves…but i knew they were trusted…so i said don’t sandbox them…

and that was it…no more alerts…no popups…nothing…and I am protected…


I had issues with v4 uninstall were windows & v3 installer said v4 still installed! Also I had problems with the AV not updating in v4.0 Hence why I used cleanup tool. None of this with v4.1 though.

Personally I like V4, but if you want V3, well…

[at]masfield [at]mike - I’ve seen a few posts that also support this view hence why i’m uncertain on whether to take the plunge or not…surely a version update shouldn’t cause this many problems?

[at]JJasper - the popup comes up saying update to V4 so i’m presuming that would automatically update the software for me, would you reccomend not taking this option and instead uninstalling v3 first with this cleanup thing?

Also I have winXP SP3 is should I take some special steps based on this? This thread: is basically giving me alarm bells telling me not to install, can any mod clarify anything or somebody confirm a successful upgrade on xpsp3?

Also what’s this sandbox thing, is it a new feature?


Check this thread for information on the Sandbox and how it works.

There are posts on here from members who have successfully installed CIS 4.1 on this platform.
The best I can offer is to back up your system, uninstall CIS 3.x, reboot, and clean install v4.1

I agree as well with John Buchanan.

I have not had much success using the configurations from v-3. Some have done it successfully but I found the best was a complete uninstall and install of v-4.1. V-4 obviously has some new architecture that was not in v-3 so that may not work properly with v-3 configurations.


I am a bit confused and hope some one can enlighten and clarify things for me …
I received a few days ago a pop-up from Comodo alerting me to v.4. I had the Comodo Internet Security Suite (free) v.3 which if I remember correctly combines several packages (Anti-Virus, Firewall, etc …) and went ahead with the update. However it seems the update was for Anti-Virus package (or am I mistaken? when I checked Windows Add-Remove Programs it indicates Comodo Internet Security v.4.1…) but when I launch Comodo the package is apparently just Anti-Virus (no Firewall) … ??? what is going on?
So then I went to Comodo web site to download CIS Premium again - Antivirus + Firewall packages but to install the 101 MB combo package I have to uninstall the 108 MB Comodo Internet Security Package (v. 4.1.19277.920 as per Windows Add-Remove) … which is incompatible according to the installation procedure of the newly acquired Comodo Internet Security Premium Installer. What do I do? Remove the old (updated?) Comodo Internet Security app and run the Comodo Interenet Security Premium Installer … or will I just be creating more problems for myself?

I’d remove the old version of CIS using Revo Uninstaller. Just start the program and wait until Comodo Internet Security is listed. Then choose to uninstall it using the moderate search option. After uninstalling it normally it will search and find any pieces left over. Delete all options in bold.

Then restart the computer and install the version of CIS from the website.

It appears that the automatic update may actually cause many problems. This should solve them.