SF--Unclassified Malware[at]7905100 --- A0005882.dll

Unclassified Malware[at]7905100 C:\System Volume Information_restore{F48B7625-E2F7-4B82-BA96-87C236F227F7}\RP27\A0005882.dll

CIS 1084

I cant send this file, cant get into that folder, not even if I show hidden and protected folders.

edit. I managed to send it from within CIS. I believe this may be a system restore point from Spybot SD, Spywareblaster or maybe Cacheman XP. Another false positive.

As a system restore file is specific to your machine, you can’t really expect Comodo to add that signature to the list even if it is a false positive, as no one but you will benefit from it. The list would get too big really fast if everyones system restore files were added.

We have identified this false-positive and will be fixed in next CAV update.

Thank you!


The reported False positive has been fixed. Please update your AV and verify it.