Severe D+ bug when is applied isolated application policy (named malicious app.)

I inserted my USB flash drive on my computer and accidentally executed a portable ejector program, so I tried to block that action using isolated application policy (malicious application) and D+ denied the access that program to Windows totally. However, I couldn’t modify that policy because I couldn’t gain access to CIS program interface and others Windows programs because my system was lock down except Task Manager program whom let me restart my operating system and restore my system a point where is working all perfectly and I did it successfully. Thanks God!.

P.S: My operating system is Windows xp sp2 H.E. X32 with the lastest CIS release version 3.9. and all windows access was denied, i just could press start menu bottom but couldnt access to run, settings, help and support functions.

Glad to see you got it working again.

Another way to go is to boot Windows into Safe Mode and start CIS. You can then remove the rule under D+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy.