Several Vulnerabilities Found in Comodo Antivirus

We want updates. We want updates. We want updates.

Released: Comodo Forum for new installs initially. I don’t see an offline installer so you may have to do a fresh install if it doesn’t upgrade using the online installer.


It’s 2024 now, still don’t see any improvements in the antivirus engine and signatures & detection/protection of Comodo , hope they fixes this long long pending issue in the final stable release of Comodo 2024 as it is a very very crucial issue.

When it comes to detection CIS is doing quite well these days:

I was surprised that it had moved up this far in this game.


Here is a question: Who is keeping score on all the malware we detect that others don’t?


I like the “guilty until proven innocent” remark at the bottom. It sums up the Comodo approach nicely and succinctly… :smiley:


What about the realtime malwares & viruses that various users faces and that are remaining undetected and not properly removed. Those antivirus test results are based on some specific set of malware samples only and nothing can be completely judged from those results.

For you to ask this question, means you do not understand how Comodo works :frowning:

Please watch this to understand how we handle all the “realtime malwares & Viruses”.

Two questions you asked:
-Detection ratio…which is 99.8%…
-how do you handle unknown realtime malware : watch this Cyber Security Video
-The question you didn’t ask (You should have): How many malware Comodo detects that others don’t


Hi Melih Sir, thanks for your valuable time and the reply and answers from your end, I am already aware of the information/technology that you share, what I am specifying is to make improvements in the overall strength of the antivirus engine itself and it’s realtime & proactive protection/detection/removal capabilities of all kinds of threats and malwares so that any kind of threats and malwares can be terminated at 1st point proactively and it will be ultimately beneficial for all users of Comodo and the product itself, thanks.

We do that already!

Again, I honestly think you do not understand how our tech works, please take the time to understand the information shared.


I understand how your technology works since long so I don’t think I or no other users needs to understand it anymore, what we are suggesting for the improvement of the product from our end is based on our real life regular usage of Comodo Internet Security for more than last 10 years so hope you yourself can understand now, thanks.

If you do understand how it works, then why are you suggesting proactively terminating malware?


Hope what I am trying to say it’s already understandable to you so neither I want to say anything further regarding this because we all users are just waiting for what improvements are being implemented in the final stable release of Comodo 2024 overall in terms of security/protection/stability and lots of other bugs and improvements that are pending since long time, so no more this & that and argument right now further regarding the same that’s that, thanks.

You are suggesting things that doesn’t apply to our technology.
Your suggestions do not make sense.


What you don’t understand that doesn’t makes any sense to me either or any users neither , so let’s better leave this conversation as it is wastage of my time to make you guys understand something that you are not willing to understand, this is completely horrible experience for me as a Comodo user since long time.

We are trying desperately to understand what you are saying…

What you say does NOT make sense within the context of our technology.

You say “any kind of threats and malwares can be terminated at 1st point proactively”…
But I don’t understand why you are saying this, because we do that already…
So we need more explanation from you exactly what issues you see so that we can improve further.

Is there a use case you identified where a brand new malware that is not automatically contained?


Are you meaning the strength of the signatures similar to other AntiVirus products ?
This video may explain it in another way :- The Good, Bad, & The Ugly (aka Unknown)

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You got me, the strength of signatures as well as the overall strength of the antivirus/antimalware engine itself as detected threats and any of there traces needs to be properly and thoroughly cleaned and removed from every part of the system and critical parts like registry, temp paths etc. where malwares use to drop and keep there remainants if not properly and thoroughly removed after detections.

But an unknown that comes to your computer that turns to be malware will simply be deleted because it was running in containment. (all unknowns run in containment).
So what you are saying does NOT apply to our technology (once again).

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I am not here to make you anything understable if you don’t understand it yourself that’s your problem so you better keep quite instead of replying and arguing up with something that doesn’t makes any sense that’s that.