Several suggestions about Comodo(website/sw), please read if you have the time.

First of all, hi everyone!
I’ve bought the software recently (1yr subscription for IS Pro), but then I discovered about one of the many (see third point) fails, so I asked for a refund.

Now. I want to buy a license again, but I met that fail again.
To begin with (first problem). The site is really, really bad. I mean, bad.

Seriously, if a beginner can get through the mess of links, product names, and stuff … he deserves a medal.
When I open the website, I see a fairly good menu, I can go … somewhere.
Now let’s say, I’m curious about the products.

Sure. I open the menu. OH GOD WHAT IS THIS… I mean… my screen is full of text. Not lorem ipsum, but it feels the same. This would be the first thing that the web team should take care of (no, not my forum account, but the navigation on the site.)

Just look at Avast! or other AV vendors. Clean, they help you choose.
I know, you want to sell Comodo IS Pro. Everyone can see that, but then why would you have so many products? Just add a fair compare option, and help people choose what they really need. If a company is fair, the people will trust the company.

Second website problem: There is no compare option. The only “help” service available, is the “Product Selection Wizard”. Which is pretty well hidden, and basically it tells you one thing. BUY COMODO INTERNET SECURITY PRO. No, that’s no accidentally pressed Caps Lock, it’s like that. Like you select an option … hmm what I want to do. Play games. Sure. Like Settlers 2. It’s cool. Oh I need Internet Security PRO! to do that? Dang!

So yeah, that’s the second problem.

Third: The checkout. Okay, the maze of links convinced me. I have to buy Comodo Internet Security Pro. Cool. (It’s like Yuri from Red Alert II).

So I head to the checkout, and it’s 59.99$. Since Comodo is targeted at more computer-savvy users (too), they maybe … maaaaybe using AdBlock or something. So I just hit the pay button, 59.99$ is gone!

Few days later, I checked the website again. With Internet Explorer, since my computer was under heavy load and IE starts a lot faster. Anyway, then I met the “discount” thing. Seriously. What is this? Why don’t you just put the price to that “25% discount”, and everyone is happy? I mean… the “discounted” price is cheap enough for any person to buy the software. So why this … well sorry for this, but stupid trick?

About the marketing:
The CEO’s blog (forgive me, Sir!) is really a nice idea, I like reading it.
The website is cool, though it is full of cheap marketing ideas.

BUT. The TV thingie, the “ohmygodthebestantivirusever” and the other stuff. Stop it.
Seriously, those are also… bad. I mean, they scare people away.

Where is the ‘good marketing’ comes from then?
Ianguy99 (who is a member here I saw him few weeks ago, hi!), does a REALLY good job. His Youtube channel is REALLY convincing, and even if it’s only some kind of sorcery, people won’t care. He shows that the software works, it’ll protect you, and it’s awesome. (Yet, he does it in a humble way.)

That’s the marketing Comodo needs. That’s what convince me, and the other people too I guess.

(ps.: Sorry for my bad english, and this post is not supposed to be a rant. Maybe it’s a bit long (tl;dr?), but I wanted to express my feelings about the company, the software. Look at the post as a suggestion, as a guideline. Or not. It’s up to you.)

Edit: The ComodoTV is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. I mean the ‘reports’ at the bottom of the products. That’s … ewwk.

I agree…they seriously need to redesign web page… :-TU

Thank you for taking the time to provide this insight.

We are seriously considering a revamp of our sites.

Thank you again!


Since the post, I have bought a license with the discount that is.
And no problem, I really didn’t mean it as an offensive post or anything.

Thanks again!

We do appreciate feedback, thanks to you guys and your continued feedback we can improve your products for you.

thank you


i think this is a must. comodo has changed so much over time. meaning GUI, new products, discounted products and the comodo website needs a “revamp” as melih said