Setup your firewall [RESOLVED]

I was just curious how can i configure comodo for a good pc experience. I had many antivirus programs and none protected me of DDos. With comodo im happy now. I run it at Custom policy mode and it does the job. No more ddos. Also i have selected the stealth port option. Other than that i dont know what to do. Are there any other settings that can protect me from hackers? (M)

I am glad you’re finding CFP 3 to be good.

Always make sure the Firewall is set to Safe Mode (Default Setting) Firewall/Advanced/Firewall Behavior Settings

Defense+: Depending on your computer, Safe Mode Or Clean PC Mode Or Training Mode. If you are not sure your computer is clean, and you JUST installed CFP 3, Leave Defense+ in Training Mode for a few days (You will receive 0 pop ups during this time), It will learn all the applications on your computer, Then switch back to Safe Mode.

If you are 100% sure your computer is clean off malware, Use Clean PC Mode. All software on your computer are automatically assumed safe (No pop ups), While unknown/new ones will get D+ Attention. Defense+/Advanced/Defense+ Settings

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