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Maybe an ignorant and dumb question, but if we all have to write a set of rules upon installing and first using CPF, these being the much discussed top rules that govern the network flow, why then can’t this be preconfigured during the instsllation/setup???

Yes. three questionmarks, because that is how puzzled I am about this. Maybe my own logic is misleading me? Should be a ‘simple’ softwarecode thing, or not?

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For reasonably standard home networks, CFP automatically creates a default set of Network Monitor rules. If you define a zone and set it as trusted, it will create two additional rules to allow ICS, File and Print Sharing and normal LAN activity to work.

You don’t have to manually define rules to make it work. It does do that during the installation.

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I feel like such a fool, sorry for not lookinf beond the lenght of my nose
I have indeed found this out for myself already …

Still I want to ask you if it is correct that rule 4 “IP out” should have the criteria “WHERE IPPROTO IS GRE” (see attachment)? I’m used to SygatePro (3 years) and before that ZAPro (4 years), and I susspect a different approuch to secutiry settings in Comodo altogether.

Could you please explain the rules that are set by default to me. I’m trying to get my mind wrapped around this new piece of software, I want to give it an honest try. Looking at the product and working with it for the last two days, it looks and feels very simular to ZA. Does Comodo in any way resemble ZA’s approach or is Comodo a diffenrent concept?

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