Setup - must I uninstall my current firewall?


I’m currently running Norton Internet Security (NIS) 2002 and I would like to test CPF. During CPF’s setup, I’m told to uninstall my current firewall. Could I just disable my NIS without uninstalling it? I really don’t want to have to go thru the process of re-installing NIS should I decide not to go with CPF.


I think the safest answer is no. There have been more posts discussing the need to uninstall previous firewalls then posts saying it was not necessary (in fact I think I have only read one referring to CHX where it could stay installed).

Although we would certainly appreciate you trying it, see what happens, report to us so that we can all learn from your experience… but would you want to fight with the possible aftermath?

IMHO, your troubleshooting comfort level will determine your answer.

Dont install CPF while you have another firewall guys. It is not safe. Your system can crash and you can loose your data if they can not work together.

And we will hardly provide support for such a case. You dont need 2 firewalls.