Setup help please

Hi all
After 12 monthe running in "Training mode " I was informed that it iis not the correct setting, so I have re set the program to " Safe Mode and Clean PC Mode "
Unfortunately many things do not now work, and I am not sure how to allow thing to run that I want, I have managed to figure out how to brows to "Define a new trusted application " > Running Processes > and have clicked on the progs listed in my sys tray, the Explorer.exe and Firefox.exe, also MailWasher.exe and managed to get them working, but I cant figure out how to play music etc from links in emails, or how to get Windows Media Player or Winamp working, also my thumbnail photos in photobox are slow to open and they will not expand when clicked on.
It looks to me like that things are allowed from the " Define a new trusted application " Select button (Am I correct) any help in setting up and understanding this Comodo program will be most appreciated.
Regards Robert.

Hi tyler4402,

From what i read here i think it would be best to start with a fresh clean install with clean policies.
Just keep it on default settings at least for D+ and there should most of your problems be gone.
Latest version is 3.12 at the moment.

Setting Firefox and other applications that have direct connections to the internet as “Trusted” is not always the best solution, if your browser get’s attacked it could be missed by D+ in this case.

I always use custom for email/browsers/ftp/p2p etc applications.

Hi Ronny
I suppose it would be better to have the latest version, I will install it as soon as I have time.
Many thanks Robert.