Setup help for Outlook Express

Newbie needs help setting up Comodo AntiSpam for Windows Outlook Express. I’ve got it working with Outlook because there are input fields for POP3 mail servers… but there aren’t any fields for HTTP:\ web-based mail servers.

Could someone tell me ‘how’ I get Outlook Express configured into Comodo AntiSpam. I’ve checked the forums and FAQs and didn’t find an explanation… thanks…marcel

web based email is very different than your Outlook(O) or Outlook Express(OE) – by definition.
It is on the webserver and accessed via port 80, like all other web pages. You do not
scan email on this service like you do for O/OE which operate on your system using
ports 25,110.

your sole issue for web based email is to control your downloads or document SAVE AS …
to your system – be sure to scan them before you attempt to open (:CLP)

dummie here would like to know how to setup outlook express to receive certain mails from a specified email account?

particularly the POP, IMAP, HTTP part? I dont know what to fill.