Setup for CIS with a Proxy

Is there any special setting I need to change with CIS for use with a Proxy?

I use BestProxy a few times a week and around a month ago, I have seen the login time and the access to websites slow dramatically. I have tried this on a Win10 64 with Creator upgrade using CIS and also on a Win7 64 with CIS - both in Proactive Config

The performance drop is the same on both which tends to rule out a Windows update problem and BestProxy say there’s nothing wrong at their end. Internet use w/o the Proxy is fast on both systems

Any advice appreciated

Try disabling firewall driver from network connection. That way, you know if it’s related to CIS.

That doesn’t have any effect, so it looks as though CIS is out of the frame - good :slight_smile:

Only thing left now is the Router and perhaps IPv6 which was another suggestion . . .

Thanks windstorm