Setup_3.0.25.378 x32 crashes when try to change folder XPPro SP3

I have Dell D630 with freshly installed WinXP SP3. No active applications, no network connections. Start installation of CFP_Setup_3.0.25.378_XP_Vista_x32.exe, “Next”, “Agree” and select “Browse” to choose destination folder. Folder selection dialog shown and application crashes.
Version CFP_Setup_3.0.21.329_XP_Vista_x32 crashes litle bit later, so I had chance to select different installation folder.

Solution - do not change installation folder.
But personally I would prefer to change it to have application located at place I can find it

Thank you

First of all are you sure you using XP 32 bit and not 64 bit? Where are you trying to install Comodo. 99% of programs go to C/Programs Files/ . Why do you need to change the default area where all your applications go anyways?

I use to have network related applications to be at \Program files\Network.… ,multimedia related in …\Multimedia.… folder and so on. Just old habit :slight_smile:
Setup is 32bit as file name shows, so it is not a problem, and it works with default location…