I uninstalled my Comodo firewall in hopes that it would fix my lag when popups came. It did.

But all my settings are deleted and I have to choose everything over again … Is there a way to save settings? (because we’ll all upgrade Comodo at one point and while reinstalling Comodo it said I had to uninstall the old one). I initially thought it wouldn’t uninstall whatever the settings are saved in (Like Arovax Shield)… but … well …that was my mistake and it did I guess because when I booted it up again after reinstalling… I had to choose everything over.

Can you guys impliment a way to save settings?


If you do a search on the forums for “backup script”, one of the mebers here, Rotty, has created a series of backup scripts to grab the CPF settings and rules and exporting them as a .REG file. Restoring from a REG file is as simple as a double click.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

So any chance of it being put into the program itself? Like a “Save Settings” option, so that just before we install a new one we can save the settings in a folder and then install the new one and go to “Load Settings” ?

Comodo are looking into this, but I dont know if it will make it into the next release. It will happen, but the timeframe is unknown.
ewen :slight_smile:

Hence bored people like myself make tempory fixes (-:

cheers, rotty


You know, I’m not sharp enough to debate where the CPF Settings should be stored but I do know where I would like to save them to. If the settings backup does not make it into the next CPF version, would it be possible for you to adapt your script to be able to “save as”? That way everyone could save a “profile” as a particular date easily. I’d be willing to donate say 2-3 mil to the cause. You would be quite well off in no time at that rate.

If not, we all are still are very much appreciative of your’s along with Panic’s,2366.0.html .

You can send 2 to 3 mil to me anytime… hell ill take less than half of that :smiley: