"Settings Wizard" During Install

I think many people forget to run ports wizard after install. I think the ports wizard should be run as part of CIS installation to make sure the ports are set correctly before CIS starts (this will ensure proper protection).

I also think the D+, firewall, antivirus settings should be created during installation.
A wizard during installation could allow you to choose from the preset configuration choices (e.g. proactive security, internet security, etc.) with an explanation of how each configuration is different and the type of protection it emphasizes.
It should also have a “set and forget” configuration for beginners that sets all the protection typically needed for the average user. It should also give you the option of a custom configuration where you can chose which components to install (e.g. D+, firewall, antivirus, etc.).

This will help make sure that CIS is set correctly from the moment it starts and will greatly help the novices and beginners who will want to take advantage of CIS’s stellar protection.

Count me in for the Stealth Ports Wizard or may be set up the firewall stealth by default and then let users change it accordingly.

I like the idea of giving the user choise for D+ policy.