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Congratulations on the Release of CPF v3

I grew frustrated with CPF 2.4s “let’s see which setting to forget this time” game and a couple of other more serious issues and uninstalled it. I promised myself I’d try v3 when it was released.

My questions are more to do with aesthetics than security.

Is there a way to make the firewall and defense+ logs display from current event to earlier event. Mine shows the earliest event at the top and the current one at the bottom. Clicking, double clicking etc on the date header with most software, traditionally reverses the display, sadly this is not the case for me. Date filtering does not help, I just get the same format listed over days.

In the Computer Security Policy window policy groups won’t stay collapsed. Every time I open it everything is expanded. I know what I defined in the top 3 groups and have no desire to see them every time I open the window.

Overall, well it’s only day 1, but so far so good :slight_smile: