Settings resetted after upgrade

In order to upgrade Firewall to latest version i had to uninstall the older version.
All my settings were deleted too!
So now i have to learn this dang thing again.

I suggest to make more smooth upgrade process without deinstallation or, at least, without removing all settings.

It’s too late now, but you could have exported your configuration. Misc->Manage My Configurations

After installing the newer version, you just import your saved configuration and you don’t have to set it up all over again.

When i upgrade software i assume that it preserves all data.

If it’s not true, i want to see at least a warning message like “Your configuration will be lost, do you want to export it now? Yes/No”
Issue of usability.

Upgrading CIS (through the internal updater) does preserve your configurations. Uninstalling and reinstalling will not. I do agree that a warning would be nice. Firefox warns you about preserving your profile when uninstalling, it would be nice if CIS did the same.