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I am using Comodo Dragon Version 31, which I just updated. I was going thru the settings menu.
It seems under ADVANCED SETTINGS>Privacy>Content settings that the option Location>Do not allow any site to track my physical location
is no longer available. Is there a reason for this? ??? It still shows as an available option under the latest version of Google Chrome on my “Other” computer

I am using Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit as an O.S.


ditto !

Win7 Pro 64bit

That is exactly my same problem too.



Content settings…[/b]

[b]Location (this area within Content settings is gone)

Do not allow any site to track my physical location[/b]

I think that Comodo is permitting their software
to become weaker and less effective, they may
be giving in to some pressure being given to them.

They may have received pressure to compromise it.

open source chromium still has this Location feature.

It is good to have that security feature.
But to drop it is a bad idea. Why was it done?
Maybe it is time for us to switch to SRware Iron
or maybe possibly the open source Chromium
I do not mean Google chrome, I mean the one
that Google chrome is in fact based on, anyway
the number for open source chromium is more
and bigger version number than Google chrome
and you can get the open source chromium at
major geeks dot com, to know where to get it.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit SP1

In Content settings

Location was listed

below Pop-ups
above Notifications

but it is no longer there anymore now.


My request for help concerning Comodo Dragon

is that we want this back, in Content settings.

We want the area for Location settings returned to CD.


Content settings


Allow all sites to track my physical location

Ask me when a site tries to track my physical location (recommended)

Do not allow any site to track my physical location

As most people are well aware of, the main strong point
concerning Comodo Dragon, and why to get it and use it,
has been it’s better features concerning security/privacy.

That this particular aspect has been done away with cannot be an accident.

It could only have been deliberately and intentionally discontinued. Nothing other.

They would have responded: “oops, sorry! we will fix it!” if they did not mean to drop it.

To no longer permit the control of this setting is a step backwards RE security and privacy.

Security and Privacy are not genuine concerns for Comodo when what is true is this given situation.

From my testing CD didn’t actually support the option in the first place, sure it asked you but if you allowed it then it didn’t actually work anyway, it wouldn’t get your location, at least that’s my experience. So from Comodo’s point of view it probably doesn’t make much sense to have an option for something that doesn’t work in the first place (seriously why would you have that?) so they most likely removed it because of that.

I guess the only downside now is that it will always ask you instead of being able to suppress the alerts completely, however I see that as a plus since it alerts you that a website is trying to track your location which might be good information in order to determine whether you should trust a website or not, besides you can just deny it… or allow it because it doesn’t make any difference.

So conclusion is that no privacy was lost whatsoever however the ability to suppress alerts was so now you’ll be alerted about it, however answering allow will still block, at least that is my experience, if you experience something else then that might be an issue.

So what was your reply? It wasn’t working, so, it being gone is better?

From my perspective, fixing something that is not working right,
which we could not have been aware of at all anyway, does not
come in the form of only removing it, but by actually fixing it.

Then my request for help to Comodo concerning Dragon remains the same.

Return this functionality in a repaired and fully functioning and working state.

I am sorry but anyone coming in here and offering as any excuse that it did not work before is lame beyond belief.

I suppose such people would be fine with taking their cars to an auto mechanic because their
car’s engine is making some unusual sound, then the mechanic just removes the engine, but
does not replace the engine, he did not fix it, just remove it, and not replace it. Wrong answer.
It doesn’t really fix the engine and the car so you can use it. It did not work so just remove it.

Actually fixing the engine in a way that is useful means fix it, so we can use it. Understandable?

My request for help is unchanged unanswered and not sensibly replied to. Give us this functionality in CD.

I didn’t offer an excuse, I offered a possible explanation as to why the option was removed and honestly if you have to turn to personal attacks albeit mild then you can go f*** yourself.

Alright, a possible explanation it is, fine. I’ll give you that.
But that’s not nearly as good as a more meaningful answer.
I did not stoop to use foul language, although my response
was admittedly a bit abrasive, it was not a clear cut matter
of using foul language, which you did in your reply to me.

Personal attacks, regardless of the reason, are not permitted on the forum. They are in breach of the forum policy. Both of you should consider this a warning. :P0l

This is not open for discussion, and I do not expect any discussion for it in this topic either. Either stay on topic, and be respectful, or do not post. That goes for everyone.

Any continuation of personal attacks, regardless of the reason, may result in a ban.

You have been warned.

I apologize to you, Sanya IV Litvyak, for my previous reply that was slightly rude. I’m sorry.

The meaning of the message I meant to convey in my previous reply still makes sense, though.

It was meant generally and not at you specifically, Sanya IV Litvyak. I apologize just the same.

The issue remains the same that many using CD would appreciate was there working right for us.

It also remains true that removing the ability to do this regarding location is a step backwards.

This request for help is the same as before. The issue as already presented about Comodo Dragon.

I am quite sure of myself that what I posted did not constitute a personal attack.
“I am sorry but anyone coming in here and offering…” is not a personal attack.

What was replied to me however, was, indeed, a personal attack.

It was just simpler and easier to lump me in as having made
a personal attack when my post does not rise to that level.

I also even apologized, and I posted before seeing that reply about personal attacks.

I apologized, even though my post was far less a personal attack then the reply to me.

The issue concerning privacy, content settings, and location, remains.

Below was written before the last three posts
Sure it’s not as good as a more meaningful answer, that kind of says itself, however this is a forum and on forums you often have discussion and not clear question then answer and then it’s done, of course if the answer is already known and obvious it might be like that but in this case it’s not and in my opinion it’s better to add some than nothing and here I added my experience with the location option and a possible explanation as to why it was removed, which in my opinion is better than not saying anything as it can actually bring something to the discussion, you may not agree but that is my personal opinion.

Also I would like to apologize for the attack, if insulted I will strike back however as I don’t have the time or wit to create an equally “nice” insult it often results in what you see above, no that’s not an excuse, I have reported my own post and I expect the moderators will take the appropriate action.
Above was written before the last three posts

I too apologize for my actions, I’m sorry for the way I acted, it was not proper of me.

Yes the original issue is still very much an issue. From what I can find, the location function works by collecting local network information and sending it back to Google, quote:

If you allow Google Chrome to share your location with a site, the browser will send local network information to Google Location Services to get an estimate of your location. The browser can then share your location with the requesting site.

And if I understand it correctly, Comodo tries to cut down on as many connections to Google as possible (in 30.0 this led to extensions not updating, was fixed in 31.0), again not an excuse but possible explanation as to why it didn’t work properly in the first place