Settings in CD v33.1 [Solved]

I can not open settings, that little round icon in a left upper folder.

It won’t work on mouse click.

Any idea why?

Mod edit: Added solved to the topic title, Captainsticks.

Do you by any chance have a chrome theme installed?

i think yes, some black theme…don’t know name…

Problem solved…settings are set to deafult theme and now everything is working fine…thx for idea :slight_smile:

I have a Chrome theme installed.I have been using the same one for a long time now.Since CD version 32 i have to click on the upper left hand corner of the CD symbol for settings.Clicking on the center does nothing.In version 31 i didn’t have to do that(I could click in the center of the CD symbol).

Hi fenson,
If the clickable area to open the menu is difficult to find the following keyboard shortcuts might be helpful.
Alt+F or Alt+E

Kind regards.