Settings, FW - CIS 3 on CIS 4


I have a Question with upgrade on new version - CIS 4.

When i try install CIS 4, I have to first uninstall the last CIS 3 version. I think that this thing will not change or be some way through the update?

Simply question : Is possible load settings (firewall rules) in new CIS 4 ?


Great!That’s what I want to know.

Q4 - I was a BETA tester and still using the BETA versions. What should I do? A4 - You should uninstall the BETA version and use this new version. However, although not recommended, you can use automatic updater to update to this version from the BETA versions.
I hope that answers your questions. I would not recommend to import the old v3 configuration because you will miss the things that were added.