Settings for separate user accounts.

Hello everybody, I’m new here. Let me say first that this is the best firewall I’ve ever used. Consumes little resources, doesn’t slow down or freeeze the PC, easy to use, powerful… I can’t think of a single reason not to use it!
Now, the thing that brings me here is the user security. There is a “parental control” password which prevents any user from changing the settings, and optionally hides the alerts that ask whether a new application should be allowed or blocked. The question is: is it possible to allow a specific Windows user to change settings and be asked about new applications, and deny another user to change settings and do not show new application alerts?
As far as I saw, when a password is active, either all users are asked about new applications, or none is.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately it is not possible to have different settings for different users.

different settings for different users would be a great idea to have, especially in view of administrator/non admin users.

Parental Control (the existing one and the expected internet parental control) also need to have separate settings on user basis.

Hope it gets implemented at least in the future versions.