Settings for local network

My topic is a request for the instructions to permit access to other PCs on my local network.
Somwhere in this forum I’m sure this has been answered but I have not been successful in locating it.
I have all my systems attached to a wired router and need to access the other systems’ files.
I have defined a new network zone with a range of addresses that spans the IP of all PCs.
In addition, I have defined the network zone as a trusted network using the stealth ports wizard.
I would appreciate a reference to instructions on how to accomplish this simple? task.

This thread was read 101 times and not one person answered this question… unfortunately, I cannot see my networking pcs either…

Someone please help us!

You have checked your logs already to see if it shows anything blocked? Another thing is to make sure Explorer and System have allow rules setup for your local network under Application Rules. Can you connect when firewall is disabled?

I’m in a hurry right now, but maybe you can go to the firewall Faq section. There are a lot of rules posted throughout that section. Post back if your still having trouble. I’ll check back with this thread when i get back home. Good luck.

Hi DodoSmiff

Here are my rules if it will help you. I am, while I am typing this, backing up to my LAN. I got the global rules by running the stealth ports wizard which I see you have done. I am using a wired router as well and am on XP Home connected by LAN to XP Pro as well as Win 98. Make sure your network adapter rules are not restricting your LAN IP’s. You could set them to allow IP out, any, to [adapter zone], IP protocol any. and allow IP in [adapter zone], to any protocol any. This is as broad as it gets and if it works for you you can narrow it down to specific IP’s later.

Hope this is a help to you.


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I find all this a bit odd, becauise if your network is up and running when you install Comodo then the install (after the reboot) should detect your network and you can then check a box to allow the network access.
Doing a re-install might help if this step was missed.

Another thing I have found is that, if as in our case one network machine attempts to write a file, then a Warning pop up will appear, this must be acted on (check to allow it), if you leave it the pop up goes after a few seconds and blocks the event.
I don’t know if this is normal behavior, might be better if Comodo kept the pop ups on screen.