Settings for local Apache server, MySQL and Wordpress? Noobie Q

Hi All:

I have a local Apache server (from XAMMP) running on my Windows XP PC so I can play with Wordpress. I have just enough knowledge of Comodo 5.3.17 firewall rules to be dangerously incompetent.

Do I need to protect my PC while I am running my local server? If so, can some kindly soul spell out the rules. I don’t need the point-and-click type, just the “Allow from” “Block from” info.

Thanks for your time.

If you only need LAN access, creat a Global rule that allows:

Action - Allow
Protocol - TCP
Direction - IN
Source Address - The address of the PC from which you are connecting
Destination Address - ANY or the MAC address of the host PC
Source Port - ANY
Destination Port - 80 or whichever port you’ve assigned to httpd may also want 443 for HTTPS

Create a similar Application rule for Apache httpd.exe

Alternatively, create a trusted network for your LAN, assign the rules for the trusted network to httpd.exe and block all other inbound comms.