settings for defense +

I have had defense + in the training mode for about two or three weeks and I’m ready to move it to a permanent spot with less popups, so which one should I do thats simple? thanks for any reply


I would recommend safe mode or PC Clean Mode,

Safe Mode: Checks the “Safe List” Before automatically allowing it

Clean PC Mode: Everything on PC is assumed Safe, everything else that is introduced to the machine gets alerted

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  • Jacob Kilgore
    C-O-M-O-D-O Forum Moderator

CIS should not have been kept in Training Mode for that long. I recommend running a few scans to make sure it is clean.

You have three options:

Paranoid Mode:

-most alerts
-highest security level
-Defense+ monitors and control all executable files apart from those that you have deemed safe.
-Comodo Internet Security will not attempt to learn the behavior of any applications including those on the Comodo safe list.
-recommended for advanced users that require complete awareness of activity on their system.

Safe Mode:

-Defense+ will automatically learns the activity of executables and applications certified as ‘Safe’ by Comodo. and automatically creates ‘Allow’ rules for these activities.
-non-certified, unknown, applications, you will generate an alert whenever it attempts to run.
-combining the highest levels of security with an easy-to-manage number of Defense+ alerts.

Clean PC Mode:

-From the time you set the slider to ‘Clean PC Mode’, Defense+ will learn the activities of the applications currently installed on the computer while all new executables introduced to the system are monitored and controlled.
-recommended option on a new computer or one that the user knows to be clean of malware
-From this point onwards Defense+ will alert the user whenever a new, unrecognized application is being installed.
-In this mode, My Pending Files are excluded from being considered as clean and are monitored and controlled.

Thanks for the quick respond, I have it set to scan every wed, and three weeks gave it time to learn my habits and its clean no problems but, I’ll run another scan before setting it , I know of these option thats why I ask what would be the best in your opinion, Jacob, thanks for your recommendation.

I would say Safe Mode.

Thanks, just finished scanning and all is clean, so safe mode it is